ZMF Verite Pads

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The Vérité Pad is our flattest round pad with an ear opening slightly smaller than the Auteur Pad and designed to be a flatter, wider version of the Universe Pad. So, we took the Universe pad ear cavity and kept the internal ear-side volume while making the pad flatter. This smooths out the frequency response by moving the ear closer to the driver. Works great as a companion pad to the Universe; switching to the Universe Pad for a warmer experience and switch to the Vérité Pad for a linear one.

Also available are our "Secret Menu" Be² pads that are the perfect middle ground between Vérité and Universe Pads. Especially preferred by users with the Vérité Open.

The Vérité pads use 6lb Visco foam and premium lambskin covering for a luxurious feel and the perfect amount of cushion. Like our other pads the outer sleeving is flexible and will attach to most large round headphones. Sold in pairs.


  • Diameter: 4.3in / 109.22mm
  • Ear Cavity: 2.72in x 2.32in / 69 x 59 mm
  • Tallest Height: 0.83in / 21mm
  • Shortest Height: 0.75in / 19mm
  • Fits Audeze, Hifiman and other similar, large sized headphones.

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