Why do I carry KEF?

KEF have a long heritage of producing innivative and high value speakers. Thet're designs stand the test of time (the first LS50 was out for 9 years before the next version though would still hold it's own today.

KEF offers speakers at a wide range of price points and each are an honest value proposition in their own right. This makes KEF an easy choice as it's a no brainer to just pick the model that matches your budget. They're relatively easy to drive so you don't need to go nuts with amplifiers - though proper matching is important for the last 5-10% in sound quality. Just email for a recommendation.

What also makes KEF an easy choice is their high-quality and partner friendly aesthetics. Many great colours and amazing wood finishes in the higher lines. KEF lift any room visually and sonically with their presence.

Cheers, Hugo.

R Meta Series

LS Meta Range