Why the name?

Indie is short for Independent and just like the Indie bands we love we don't want to follow the status quo of how to do things. Hi-Fi is wonderful, it's amazing and it can be a life-time of discovery and joy - both personally and to share. But it can also be a tough hobby to get into when it shouldn't be. We hope to change that.

How is Indie Hi-Fi different?

Hopefully in many ways but because most of all, we understand that hi-fi is both complex and not cheap. And we believe strongly that auditioning new components in your own setup goes a long way to alleviating both these barriers. That's why once COVID calms down we'll be starting regular listening events in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne where you can bring your own gear to hear how a new component sounds within it. To hear about all the events as they're announced do register your email for the newsletter.



Do you price match?

Certainly! Email us any fair and reasonable cheaper price and we'll match it. Domestically this needs to be from an authorised Australian retailer for new, unopened, non-liquidation stock. We'll also match from international sources on a case by case basis but we always want to be better than a legit purchase from the US (ie price plus shipping, GST and exchange rate).

How do you set pricing?

Very simply. For items that we are the exclusive dealer in Australia for (i.e. ZMF and ampsandsound) we take the cost of buying directly from the manufacturer, add shipping and GST and then convert it to Australian dollars. For items distributed locally (i.e. Chord and Meze) we match the lowest price offered by other reputable Australian stores. We can't monitor prices all the time though so, as per our price match policy, if you see a better price we'll happily match it.

Why do prices change at times?

Many brands we sell are based on the US dollar and so as the exchange rate fluctuates the cost to us in Australia goes up and down. So whenever the exchange rate moves materially we need to adjust our Australian dollar prices to keep it fair you you and fair for us. It's annoying as the the only people to benefit are the currency exchangers but it's life.



Are you an authorised Australian dealer?

You betcha!
   - for ZMF we're the exclusive Australian dealer and deal directly with ZMF.
   - for Matrix Audio we deal directly with Matrix in China.
   - for Chord and Meze we deal directly with the Australian distributer RadianceAV out of Sydney.

So all products are covered by warranty?

Absolutely. All products are covered by the individual manufacturer's warranty.
Do make sure you register with the manufacturer where needed though. And if any issues arise just let us know and we'll walk you through any needed actions.


Do you offer free shipping?

Absolutely! Everything is shipped free via standard shipping in Australia.

How long will I have to wait?

This depends. The shipping is pretty quick. If it's in stock then only 2-3 days. However if it's not in stock or a custom build then it'll shake down as follows:
   - ZMF headphones that are made to order currently have a 5-6 week wait.
   - Matrix Audio items have a 2 weeks delivery window.
   - Chord and Meze will be with you within 7 days.
See the individual buying options on each product page or ask if in doubt. And once you make a purchase we'll provide regular updates on delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry but we're a domestic company only. Though if you're in New Zealand and there isn't an official dealer of a product we carry then send an email and we'll see what options there are to assist.