Indie Hi-Fi is all about the head-fi. We love stereo for sure and listen to lots but there are so many more moments in our modern lives where headphones are the best choice (often the only one). Whether it's to not disturb neighbours, house mates or family members; to help you into the zone at work; or to keep out noise and distraction, headphones are the only way to go. This may make it seem like a compromise but it really isn't. You get so much more sound quality per dollar in the headphone space. A TOTL stereo system is still >$50,000 but in 2020 you can get a TOTL, lose-your-mind, endgame head-fi setup for much less than 1/5th of that! What's more, with portable and semi-portable setups you can use them in multiple arenas. In the stereo world that's like buying one system and getting 2 more for free! And that's what Indie Hi-Fi is all about - maximising system synergies so you can have an endgame system without the endgame price.

Three core values:

First and foremost everything in service of music, no matter the genre (well... maybe not Reggaeton).

A Better Way To Do Things
You're spending no small amount of money on this passion we all share so we're going to put in no small amount of effort to help you make the right choices. So we're doing everything we can to help you audition gear in a meaningful way before you make a purchase. If you're in Brisbane, then easy, just line up a demo by appointment. If not then we'll come to you. See the events page here.  

Low Stress
Fair prices and opinions. We're selling high-end products in a very niche market and to very discerning customers. Clearly this is not step one in a plan to give Jeff Bezos a nudge for richest person in the world. This is all about sharing playing with toys and sharing one of life's great gifts (high fidelity music).