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In a perfect world Indie Hi-Fi would offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases. The dark side of this type of offer in the industry though is that any returned products would ususally be repackaged and sent on to the next person as their new product! I wouldn't want to be that next customer so I won't do that to anyone else.

What Indie Hi-Fi does offer though is a week long trial of our demo items in your very own home. So you can play with and hear any of dozens of products as part of your own system. So how does this work? Here are the steps, any questions just email:

  1. Send your details and the items you want to demo. Name, email, phone, address. Then we'll send an invoice for the demo deposit (full price of items). 
  2. You pay the deposit via card or deposit.
  3. We send the demo (shipping on us) and guide you on any setup if needed.
  4. You play with it for a week in your own system and see if you like it.
  5. At the end you send it back (shipping on you).
  6. Once received we'll make sure there isn't any material damage and then either:
    1. You loved it so we'll send a brand new one, or
    2. It didn't work out and we process a full refund (see details though re cc payments). 

The whole point of this service is to make this big country of Australia a little smaller so that you have full confidence in every purchase. To make it run smoothly and continue to exist there are a few conditions. See below.

  • Paying with Bank Transfer (recommended):
    • Bank transfers are easy. There is no fee either way with them and they are pretty quick generally. 
  • Paying with Credit Card:
    • If you convert the demo to a purchase then there is no fee at all for the trial.
    • Should you not want to convert the demo to a purchase though, the credit card company and shopify do not return their fees - in fact they charge another fee to process the refund! So if you don't convert the trial to a purchase then 3% of the total trial amount will not be returned to you. Note this is not kept by Indie Hi-Fi but retained by the credit card company and shopify (they actually keep a little more but we cap it at 3%). 
  • We pay postage out to you.
  • You cover postage back. Ship AusPost express with signature. No need for insurance as this adds a lot to the shipping but do take a photo of the addressed package as you're posting it and then also send us the tracking code.


  • Only use the demo as intended. Don't open it up or do anything silly (you'd be surprised what people get up to!).
  • If the demo is materially damaged upon return to us then we'll need to take this into account prior to the refund or conversion to sale. Full refund is predicated on no material cosmetic or functional damage. That said there has never been an issue as we audioheads are a respectful bunch.
Any concerns or questions just email. 


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