ZMF Eikon Pads

Large round pad for ZMF's Eikon, Atticus, Verite Closed headphones plus also Audeze headphones.

  • The ZMF Eikon Pad, a larger round pad that perfectly fits the Eikon and Atticus ZMF dynamic headphones. These use 6 LB Visco foam and premium lambskin covering. Like our other pads the outer sleeving is flexible and will attach to most large round headphones. The Eikon pad was created for the Eikon, and the perforated lambskin version works great and ships with the auteur as well. The Eikon suede pad is also recommended on the atticus for those preferring a fuller sound with less of a mid-bass hump. The Eikon suede pads have become a favorite on audeze and the monoprice 1060 planar's.

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