ZMF Co-Pilot Head Pad

The Co-Pilot Strap is ZMF’s answer to an all encompassing headband strap comfort solution. Fits just about any headphone with style and padded bliss.

  • No sound benefit, but boy is it comfortable! We designed the Co-Pilot to make your headphones feel “weight-less,” and it’s true, when the Co-Pilot is attached, your headphones feel like they are floating! Versus the original Pilot Pad - the Co-Pilot offers a larger surface area, large dual foam pads, dual sided easy velcro attachment, and a thinner sleeker profile from the original Pilot Pad. This design will work with headphone bands that range from 1.95” (48mm) wide and .1” (2.5mm) thick to 1” (25.4) wide and .5” (12.2mm) thick. The total area allotted for headband attachment is 2” (50.8mm). The Co-Pilot was designed to work for most headphones, and we’ve had great success, but it’s not guaranteed to work for “every” headphone. If you’re not sure if the Original Pilot Pad or Co-Pilot will work better for you, the Co-Pilot is the safer choice regarding fit. While the Co-Pilot is thinner and sleeker than the original pilot pad, it is a large and wide headband pad. If anyone makes fun of you for the awesomeness of the Co-Pilot - let them try on your headphones and they will “get it!”

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