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Codia Acoustic Design

Stage 1000

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Simply order the number of levels you need and I will contact you to confirm the post length you require for each level.

Made in South Korea to the finest standards or sonic reverie and visual statment Codia Acoustic Design represents a new benchmark for quality as reasonable prices. 


  • Stage 1000 is a wooden audio rack designed to reduce the effects of resonant frequencies with diagonal slits of varying lengths and solid posts.
  • Baltic Birch plywood is a great shelving material. Besides its strength and hardness, the multi-layer plywood has different densities to absorb vibration at different frequencies.
  • Openings in different lengths can even out vibrations at different frequencies, similar to how acoustic diffusers work.
  • Solid aluminium posts eliminate more ringing compared to hollow posts.
  • Teflon washers act as a decoupling media between wood and metal.


  • Panel size : 630 x 480mm.
  • Panel material : 30mm Baltic Birch Plywood.
  • Height between the shelves : 180/240/300mm (I'll contact you post purchase to see which lengths you need).
  • Product Weight : about 10kgs per 1 shelf.
  • Stable Loading capacity : 100kgs per panel (max 150kgs per panel).


For each level purchased:

  • One panel.
  • Four posts of chosen length (i'll contact you to confirm post lengths for each level).


Made to order once purchased. Delivery timeframe of 4 weeks. 

Stage 1000
Stage 1000
Stage 1000
Stage 1000
Stage 1000
Stage 1000
Stage 1000

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