Signature Rendu SE

Sonore's finest Rendu ever!

  • Sound

    Black background, clean and clear in the extreme though not harsh or digital in any way.


    Take the incredible opticalRendu, add Sonore's brilliant linear power supply and combine them into one box. Full integration makes the result much greater than the sum of its parts.

    Takes a fibre optical network input and outputs to your DAC over USB.


    Needs a fibre optic network feed. Either directly from the fibre optic output of a sonicOrbiter i9 or by converting an ethernet line into a fibre optic one (opticalModule Deluxe or a network switch with an SFP bay).


    Indie Hi-Fi is all about helping you get your hands and ears on things before buying so you can see if it's the right product for you and your system. To see if this product is on hand for a demo click here.

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