Rai Penta

  • With 5 drivers harmoniously completing each other and ingeniously modeled ergonomic housing, the Rai Penta is all about detail, organic tonality, and seamless fit.

    Hi-Fi+ Editor's Choice 2020
    "The Meze RAI Penta is perfect for whiling away the hours listening to music, and both the ergonomics and sound of the in-ear monitor do nothing to attenuate that desire. While not the IEMs for a bass-head, if you like that more neutral and natural frequency response that is reminiscent of more classic two-channel audio, the lithe sound of the RAI Penta is likely much more to your tastes. An easy, unforced accuracy, coupled with excellent bass and imaging that is more out of the head than it is inside, all add up to an in-ear monitor that’s hard to beat for the long game of listening.”

    Headfonia 2019 Best IEM"Meze Audio has released awesome gear over the years and they still keep doing so. Their TOTL universal IEM, the Rai Penta, is one of the only universal IEMs I really like, and that means it’s very good."

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