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Hugo 2 is a powerful DAC and headphone amp that builds on the ground-breaking original. Designed for both home and mobile use, Hugo 2 transforms headphones and audio systems’ sound quality with its cutting-edge proprietary DAC technology.

  • "Clear, precise and subtle performer; excellent timing and rhythmic dexterity; dynamically versatile; well equipped; compact, stylish build. Chord has managed to do it again. The Qutest sets a new benchmark at this price" What Hi-Fi

    "If you have a basic but flagship-level DAC that is more than ten years old, and you have been thinking about modernizing I would strongly recommend trying the Qutest before you replace your DAC with something with an additional zero at the end of its price tag. The Qutest qualifies as a solid piece of engineering at a reasonable price that delivers digital music with power and finesse. What’s not to like?" The Absolute Sound

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