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The MUTEC PSC 75 series consists of three coaxial cables that guarantee a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms. They differ by varying connector combinations for specific usage scenarios: RCA/RCA, RCA/BNC, BNC/BNC. These cables are perfectly suited transmitting 10 MHz clock signals between a MUTEC REF series master clock and external devices as well as transferring S/P-DIF or AES3id digital audio or AES11id reference syncs.

The Prime Select cables from MUTEC are available in several lengths: 0.50 meter, 0.75 meter, 1.0 meter plus 2.0 meter (BNC/BNC only) Please choose your cable as short as possible to minimize signal loss and interference.

Properly Connected: the 75 Ohms Versions

The technically accurate cable is a very relevant factor to experience the quality of MUTEC components in the best possible way. We have therefore decided to develop our own cable series.

With our Prime Select Cables (PSC), you can be sure that devices from MUTEC – but also components of other manufacturers – will achieve their full potential. During development, all coaxial cables of the Prime Select category have been measured exclusively by MUTEC’s developers and tested on MUTEC equipment for compatibility and quality.

In this series with 75 ohms characteristic impedance we offer three connector variants: RCA/RCA, RCA/BNC, BNC/BNC. This way you can find the right version for your individual needs.

Reliable Craftsmanship

Handmade in Germany, Prime Select Cables do not follow any esoteric voodoo philosophies, but are based on technically relevant characteristics that can be reproduced at any time – just as it is known and expected from MUTEC. They combine high quality cable material with first class connectors and precisely meet the specifications required for the intended use. Our developers have meticulously ensured that the signal transmission quality remains consistent, the square-wave signals retain their shape and are not slurred. MUTEC Prime Select Cables guarantee complete, accurate and fast transfer of digital audio and clock signals.

75 Ohm: PSC 75: 10 MHz Clock Signal Transfer

75 Ohms Characteristic Impedance

A constant characteristic impedance of 75 ohms is particularly important for the transmission quality of an S/P-DIF signal or the 10 MHz reference clock signal* between input and output. This is determined not only by the cable material, but also by the connector. Both must ensure the required 75 ohms termination all the way through. Reflections within the cable, which can cause unsteady delivery of the data packets (= jitter), have to be prevented. This problem is avoided with a MUTEC coaxial cable. A characteristic impedance of 75 ohms is guaranteed.

Please note *: For proper connection of devices with a 50 ohm impedance used in their reference clock transmission, we offer a separate cable series: PSC 50 BNC/BNC.

Triple Shielding

The cable material of a MUTEC Prime Select Cable is triple shielded in an unique way – by two robust AL/PTE foils and a tight tinned copper braid. This provides the lowest possible attenuation values and comprehensive shielding from electrical interference fields. With a diameter of 8 mm, the MUTEC PSC 75 is slim, flexible and yet robust. An oxygen-free, silver-plated solid core wire with lowest tolerances acts as conductor. This is embedded in a flattened gas-foamed insulation.

High Quality 75 Ohms Connectors

First-class connectors by Neutrik are used for the RCA versions. They excel with hard gold-plated contacts, a precise design with unique collet strain relief and guarantee the necessary characteristic impedance of 75 ohms due to their construction.

As BNC connector MUTEC uses the product of a German special manufacturer with decades of long-term experience. The mechanically extremely robust full metal connectors are hard gold-plated in the contact area, providing a constant contact pressure over their entire lifespan and meet the required characteristic impedance of 75 ohms with low return loss.


The coaxial cable with 75 ohms characteristic impedance for 10 MHz reference master clock or word clock interfaces. One BNC connector per side. Perfect for interconnecting a MC3+/MC3+ USB interface with a reference master clock of the REF series. Or for connecting a REF10 NANO / REF10 / REF10 SE120 directly to the 10 MHz input with 75 ohms impedance of a compatible device, for example DAC, streamer, network-switch or CD-player. In a professional studio, a MUTEC PSC 75 BNC/BNC is used for interconnecting devices for word clock synchronization.


  • Coaxial construction
  • Specially designed triple shielding
  • Lowest attenuation
  • Oxygen-free silver-plated solid core conductor
  • Gas foamed dielectric
  • Guaranteed 75 ohm characteristic impedance
  • Complete, accurate, fast data, low jitter transmission
  • Easy handling due to flexible material
  • 8 mm cable diameter
  • UV-stabilized S-PVC outer jacket
  • Solid craftmanship
  • High contact reliability
  • 75 ohms Damar & Hagen full metal BNC connectors, hard gold-plated in contact area
  • 75 ohms Neutrik RCA connectors, hard gold-plated in contact area
  • Unique collet strain relief (RCA)
  • Different lengths available: 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.0 meter plus 2.0 meter (BNC/BNC only)
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany
      PSC 75 - BNC Cable 75ohms
      PSC 75 - BNC Cable 75ohms
      PSC 75 - BNC Cable 75ohms
      PSC 75 - BNC Cable 75ohms

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