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PDA-1a Headphone Amp

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  • Reference class headphone amp
  • True balanced design
  • Precision 24-step attenuator for rock-solid left/right balance at all listening levels
  • Pro Audio heritage
  • 5 year local warranty


Easily powers two sets of even the most difficult to drive Planar or Dynamic headphones. All while providing rich tonality, correct balance of Frequency Response, broad musical dynamics & dead quiet noise floor.


  • PDA-1a amp unit
  • Power cable
  • Manual
  • 5 year warranty


Some stock is kept on hand but due to the large number of model and colour combinations speakers are only made once ordered. If it says "In Stock" or "Buy Now" then it's good to go. It it says "Pre-Order" then it is made to order and delivery times are 6-8 weeks.

Free shipping in Australia. 



PDA-1a Headphone Amp
PDA-1a Headphone Amp

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