Kharma Elegance Power Cable

The Elegance Cable Collection follows the tradition of Kharma Cables, which were founded on a Silver or Silver-Gold conductors basis. This tradition has evolved by adding carbon as an additional conductor. This combination of Silver and Nano-Carbon (SNC) conductors form a hybrid conductor construction for the entire Elegance Cable Collection. The outer looks of the cables were designed to match their Loudspeaker Collection, making the Elegance Power Cable match perfectly with the Elegance loudspeakers.


The Elegance Power Cable has the same finish as the rest of the Elegance Cable Collection. Beautiful black anodized aluminium with chrome trimming parts. However, this power cable has also been finished with high-quality Gold plated plugs for a perfect connection and synergy.


For the Elegance Power Cable a different way of creating a hybrid construction between silvered copper conductors and carbon has been used. The carbon is used for filtering of the skin effect instead of performing as a main conductor. Moreover, the conductors are placed behind a dual layer screening, to protect the signal from unwanted external electromagnetic interference.


  • 2 meter standard
  • longer lengths available via special order
  • Australian 240 Volt plug to IEC


  • One single power cable