Kenzie Ovation Rev 2

The Ovation, like the Encore and OG Kenzie is one of the sweetest-sounding headphone amplifiers on the market. The 1626 is commonly referred to as the Poor Mans 300B”. The Ovation expands on this by bringing the same tonal balance and sonic signature to high efficiency speakers thanks to its 8 ohm speaker output. 

The heart of the Ovation is the 1626 triode which is a WWII-era transmitter tube in radar installations. The design is shy on pure output, but offers layers of texture and drive. Like all good tube amplifiers, the Kenzie Ovation ships with a full set of NOS tubes.

The Kenzie Ovation differs from the Bigger Ben as it aims to provide romantic full sound, with a focus on low noise operation. While all of our amps are quiet, the Ovation is the quietest amp we have ever produced.

Both the Ovation and Bigger Ben are reference headphone amplifiers, choosing between the two comes down the types of headphones you use. If you need raw power the Bigger Ben is the right amp for you, if you primarily use Othodynamics or high efficiency planar magnetic headphones (HE1000SE as an example) the Kenzie Ovation will leave you speechless with its detailed and and romantic presentation.

Input tube: 12SL7 or equivalent
Output tubes: 1626 or VT-137

Cathode Bias/automatic bias allows for easy tube changes without adjustment.
Compatible with 32 ohm-300 ohm headphones using the 32 ohm 1/4″ jack.
Headphones above 300 ohms will benefit from using the 600 ohm 1/4″ jack.

Headphone Pairing: driven successfully or tested with the amp include, MrSpeakers Ethers, MrSpeakers Ether Cs, Audeze LCD-2.2F, Audeze LCD-XC, AKG240, AKG701, Sony MDRV6, Sennheiser HD650, Sennheiser HD800, Beyerdynamic T1-600 ohm, HIFIMAN HE400i, HIFIMAN HE-400, HE-400S, Grado Labs SR-60, RS1i

The Encore is handmade in Southern California with custom hand-wound output transformers and U.S. sourced parts.

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