I-70 Integrated

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The most recently released Jadis integrated amplifier, released in 2021 with a slew of new approaches.

What this amplifier does exceptionally well is managing to balance a tremendously dynamic performance with a hugely detailed and nuanced presentation. The amplifier reacts immediately to the need for power and this brings a fantastically exciting listening experience with all kinds of music.

Whether you are listening to Dub Reggae, Techno, Acid, Rock, Jazz or choral music the I-70 doesn’t miss a trick.

HP: The KT170 is a very powerful output tube but the I70 runs at a very modest 50W, what is your reasoning for this?

First, power is not an issue for us, our design allows for huge peak power. 50W for a single push/pull pure class A design is a lot – with an EL34 PP you obtain only 25W. Our reasoning is that we prefer to reduce distortion than simply make the amplifier more powerful, which is not necessary.

HP: What features does the I70 borrow from Jadis monoblocs?

Mainly on the power supply architecture. The driver stage and power stage are fed by independent PSUs and this means two different windings on the transformer, two different rectifying and filtering, plus, this last function is also separated on each channel. This reduces the influence of one PSU on the other. The tubes loading is triple as for monobloc.

The driver stage power supply has to be very stable in order for the stage to be stable. This stage is the gain stage, it amplifies the signal a lot and the signal is made by the PSU voltage. It should be very clean too. The Power voltage doesn’t need to be so stable because the power tubes are not so sensitive, but the load of the PSU can change and cause instability. A separate power supply allows for accurately adjusting the voltage value to the used tubes and avoiding instability.


Type Integrated tube amp
# of Chassis 1
Tubes 4x KT170, 2x ECC83, 3x ECC82
Power 50W Class A
5x RCA
Outputs 1x bypass output (unity gain)
Speaker Outputs
2x speaker taps for bi-wiring
Remote Control Yes, included
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 25.5 cm
Weight 40 kg



1 week from date of order. 


  • Amp unit
  • 1x power cable
  • remote control 

I-70 Integrated
I-70 Integrated
I-70 Integrated
I-70 Integrated
I-70 Integrated

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