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May DAC - Level 3 KTE

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  • The King is Crowned!
  • Ultimate endgame DAC
  • Natural, analog sound with no compromise
  • Full DUAL mono with dedicated DAC module and O-Type Transfromer for each channel
  • Best measurements of any NOS R2R DAC
  • Up to DSD1024 and PCM1.536MHz


With the Holo Audio KTE May DAC we have a digital to analog converter that pulls off that rare feat of turning data into music without imposing the fingerprints of the process, which is all too commonly found with most DACs. That it does so at this level of sophistication at its price is remarkable.

Michael Lavorgna on TwitteringMachines.com

As the digital anchor in my ever-changing audio systems, the HoloAudio May DAC (Level 3 KTE) exhibits a force and gravity. It demonstrats a natural quietness that exceeded my former reference. The May's true-to-life demeanor made recorded music seem infinite and beautiful. Best of all, it made me feel good about our collective digital future.

Herb Reichert on Stereophile.com

The HoloAudio May (Level 3) is one of the best-sounding D/A processors I have tried.

John Atkinson on Stereophile.com


This new DAC “May” is the design of a new generation, it’s HoloAudio’s finest technology all designed by Jeff Zhu, the engineer behind these great products. It’s a full discrete R2R type of audio decoder and does not have off the shelf-DAC chip! This is a bespoke custom-designed core DUAL MONO DAC modules that are truly a breakthrough with technology for any DAC chip today. The May is here to achieve new heights, new dynamics and simply a full spectrum of audio to please the aural senses.


  • DAC chassis
  • Power Supply chassis + umbilical chord
  • Remote control RMT-1 (for Levels 2 and 3 only. Note: no volume as May DAC is not a preamp)
  • Manual
  • Note: no mains power cable is included
  • 3 years warranty for both parts and labor


  • Free shipping


DAC Type

Full discrete R2R

Conversion Modes

NOS (Non-Oversampling)

OS (Oversampling)

Input Sample Rates

PCM: 44.1kHz up to 1,536kHz

DSD: up to DSD1024

Digital Inputs

2x I2S (each with configurable pins for maximum input compatability)





Analogue Outputs

Balanced XLR (5.8V)

Single Ended RCA (2.9V)

Weight 19kg
Fuse Shurter Gold fuse type (2A SB 5x20mm for 220v) 




All Models: 100VA DUAL O-type(not Toroid) FLATWIRE (NOT roundwire) 6N Copper custom hand made audio transformers


Level 1: copper

Level 2: copper

Level 3 KTE: 1.5mm pure OCC silver wire

DAC Modules

Level 1: standard

Level 2: standard

Level 3 KTE: hand selected DAC modules for best measurements and dynamic range

DAC Module Covers

Level 1: none

Level 2: none

Level 3 KTE: copper shield covers

IEC Faston Connectors

Level 1: standard

Level 2: standard

Level 3 KTEpure silver/rhodium plated faston connectors


Level 1: Shurter Gold fuse

Level 2: Shurter Gold fuse

Level 3 KTE: Red Nano brand fuse with graphene and quartz filtering materials and gold-over-silver contacts

Capacitors Type A

Level 1: Vishay

Level 2: Vishay

Level 3 KTEupgraded KTE capacitors (provide intoxicating voicing and are beyond subtle improvements over L1/L2)

Capacitors Type B

Level 1: Mundorf EVO silver/gold caps

Level 2: custom made HoloAudio 1000V 1uF caps

Level 3 KTE: custom made HoloAudio 1000V 1uF caps

USB Module

Level 1: XMOS xu208 

Level 2: enhanced XMOS xu208 with Holo Audio Titanis 2.0 circuit

Level 3 KTE: enhanced XMOS xu208 with Holo Audio Titanis 2.0 circuit

Remote Control

Level 1: no

Level 2: yes

Level 3 KTE: yes

Chassis Decals

Level 1: standard

Level 2: standard

Level 3 KTE: special Kitsune Tuned Edition branding inside and out (pure copper Kitsune fox emblem on top panel)

May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE
May DAC - Level 3 KTE

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