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The ETHER line of headphones is Dan Clark Audio's ultimate expression of their love of music. Built with cost-no-object construction they represent DCA's most advanced mechanical, acoustical, and ergonomic headphone. With ETHER 2 the DCA design team made a deep-dive into all aspects of the headphone and made major upgrades to the driver, an all-new design supercharged with second-generation TrueFlow motor technology that presents a more organic, nuanced sound that rings true to artists and consumers alike. When you combine superb detail retrieval, lower distortion, natural dynamics, and an organic tone with a ground-breaking ultralight all-metal and carbon design, you have a headphone that's a joy to listen to all day long.

ETHER 2 was truly designed using the proverbial "blank sheet" of paper. Their team designed a completely new motor around TrueFlow to realize major improvements in linearity, dynamics, and detail. Couple this increased resolution with a new diaphragm that is nearly 70% lighter ETHER 2 delivers incredible detail, fast, tight bass, and liquid mids culminating in one of the most organic musical sounds you will hear from an audiophile headphone. And we added a choice of three different "peal-able" ear pads, each with a unique sound, you can swap to dial the sound and comfort to your preferences.


  • Driver: 71mm x 45mm single-ended planar magnetic
  • Driver matching: +/-1.5 dB to target curve, channel matched to 0.5dB weighted 30-9KHz
  • THD: less than 0.2% 20-20KHz
  • Headband: Nickel-Titanium
  • Baffle: Carbon Fiber


  • ETHER 2 Headphone
  • Standard Option: 1 Ear Pad - Perforated
  • Pad Bundle Option: 3 Ear Pads - Perforated, Suede, and Solid
  • IVO Cable with termination of your choice
  • Carrying case
  • Manual
  • Cleaning Cloth
    ETHER 2
    ETHER 2

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