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The most recently released Jadis integrated amplifier (along with the I70) in 2021. 

We are told that the Diapason was designed from the ground up to be the most affordable integrated valve amp from the French company. However, the new Luxe version adds premium touches, such as the non-magnetic stainless steel frame with 24-carat gold plating on the front panel.

The amp incorporates seven valves in its Class AB, semi-automatic bias design, which are said to have been specially selected by Jadis for the Diapason. The lineup includes one Electro Harmonix ECC82 and two Tung-Sol EC83s for the input/preamp stage, plus four Tung-Sol 6L6s (two per channel) in a push-pull configuration for the output stage. The 6L6s are mounted on a vibration-damping ceramic support.

While simplified compared to designs higher up the Jadis ladder, the three hand-wound transformers maintain the same fundamental attributes, right down to the vibration-damping resin, and are still made in Jadis' factory in Villedubert alongside those loftier models.


"Diapason highlights tone structure of each note.... It rejoice with a credible scene in volume and proportion. Fulfiling performances in terms of harmonic coherence with thorough high and full in details...Between neat tones,uncommon liveliness for that kind of product range, and a linear tone balance, seduction criteria for Diapason are plentiful…”

Magazine Haute Fidélité


Type Integrated tube amp
# of Chassis 1
Tubes 4x 6L6, 1x ECC82, 2x ECC83
Tube Bias manual
Power 15W Class AB
6x RCA
Outputs speaker taps only
Speaker Outputs
single taps
Remote Control? not possible
Dimensions 37 x 17 x 35 cm
Weight 18 kg



1 week from date of order. 


  • Amp unit + tubes
  • 1x power cable
Diapason Luxe
Diapason Luxe

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