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First shipment arriving towards the end of January. Ordering now puts you in the list as they arrive. 


Cyan 2, the pinnacle of audio precision, clarity and value for money. Holo Audio's brand new entry level DAC. R2R archiutecture, auto-switching input, half width, full alluminium billet milled chassis. The easiest way to get into massive HQPlayer upsampling.


Cyan 2, a new generation DAC of fully discrete resistor network (commonly known as R2R). Relative to its predecessor, the Cyan 2 has the following improvements:

  • Equipped with R2R network and vector step resistor network at the same time. The R2R network is used for primary digital-to-analog conversion of the PCM stream, and the vector step resistor network is used for primary digital-to-analog conversion of the DSD stream.
  • The new generation of de-glitch technology can provide full-amplitude de-glitch without increasing the noise floor and other adverse effects.
  • Based on this new generation of technology, Cyan 2  can provide >106db SINAD and >127db dynamic range.
  • USB supports sampling rates up to DSD1024 and PCM 1.536M.
  • The USB interface uses proprietary firmware with ultra-low latency, a highly reliable data transmission, ideal USB eye pattern measurements that contributes to 2-4 times higher performance than official firmware.


DAC Type
  • Full discrete R2R ladder 
Conversion Modes
  • NOS (Non-Oversampling)
  • OS (Oversampling)
Input Sample Rates
  • PCM: 44.1kHz up to 1,536kHz
  • DSD: up to DSD1024
Digital Inputs
  • I2S
  • USB
  • AES
  • Optical
Analogue Outputs
  • Balanced XLR
  • Single Ended RCA
Weight & Dimensions
  • 5kg
  • 300 x 200 x 48mm (not including protruding parts)
  • 2A SB 5x20mm



  • Cyan 2 unit.
  • Note no power cable is included. 
  • 3 years warranty for both parts and labor.


Cyan 2
Cyan 2
Cyan 2
Cyan 2
Cyan 2
Cyan 2
Cyan 2
Cyan 2
Cyan 2
Cyan 2
Cyan 2
Cyan 2

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