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X150.8 Stereo Power Amplifier

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This stereo class A/B model represents a step up in power and performance from the X150.8 and, like all of our products, has been painstakingly designed, tweaked, redesigned and fine-tuned to deliver maximum musical enjoyment. This hard work and creativity results in a greater “look-back” at the original musical performance, conveying additional insight to the artist’s creative intent. Isn't that what it's all about?


Class  A until 25W, AB to 150W
Type Stereo Power Amp
Gain 26 db
Inputs 1 pair RCA, 1 pair XLR
Power Output /ch (8 ohm) 150 W
Power Consumption 375 W
Standby Power Consumption <1 W
Number of Chassis 1
Dimensions 19in x 21.3in x 7.5in
Weight 40 kg



  • X250.8 unit
  • Australian power cable
  • Manual
  • Spare fuse


  • Delivered Australia wide within 5 business days from purchase
  • Free shipping
X150.8 Stereo Power Amplifier
X150.8 Stereo Power Amplifier
X150.8 Stereo Power Amplifier

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