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Hugo 2

Hugo 2 is a powerful DAC and headphone amp that builds on the ground-breaking original. Designed for both home and mobile use, Hugo 2 transforms headphones and audio systems’ sound quality with its cutting-edge proprietary DAC technology.

  • "The sound quality of the Chord Hugo 2 is ridiculous. It's stupendously good. At $2,695, it had better be, but even considering that lofty price, it manages to impress. The circuitry inside this little psychedelic box offers truly unbelievable detail, giving you infinitely more information than just about every other DAC on the market. You will hear every note, every lyric, every single element of the song with absolutely breathtaking clarity. The process of converting digital files to analog sound is a contentious one among those who love audio gear, but even the biggest cynic would be hard-pressed to deny there's something special going on here." The Master Switch

    "The Hugo 2 more than earns its price-point stripes as a standalone DAC. Where it races up the DARKO DAC Index to share pole position with the La Scala and the DirectStream is on use case flexibility: remote controllable pre-amplifier; headphone amplifier; aptX Bluetooth inout; user selectable filters; and – most potent of all – an internal rechargeable battery that sees the Hugo 2 where you go too. On sound quality and utility – judging it as a complete package – Chord Electronics’ Hugo 2 is the finest DAC I’ve seen/heard/used to date." Darko Audio

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