Bigger Ben Rev 1 (ex-demo)

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Ex-demo unit in excellent condition. KT88 tubes included. 6 month warranty.


Bigger Ben is a bigger brother to the Mogwai SE. To improve on the Mogwai SE ampsandsound needed to go bigger with everything. The PS capacitance was increased, the choke nearly doubled its filtering and our Output transformers doubled in size. The larger core of the output transformers led to the ability to out even great verity of output impedances.

Providing 8ohm, 16ohm seemed ideal for the planers, the 32ohm is great for many low impedance orthodynamics. The 100ohm is selected to pair well with Audeze headphones and the 300ohm provides the high impedance match for ZMF and Sennheiser.

The input of Bigger Ben utilizes input transformers for reduced noise floor, greater clarity and sub bass response. For this reference amplifier we paired the finniest coupling caps, Jupiter copper foil in wax caps. The increases in micro detail retrieval were remarkable.  

The Bigger Ben utilizes single-ended Class A operation with zero feedback to provide the essence of our Classic Wonder sound; strictly old school SET sound, without having to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on tubes.

The performance of the Bigger Ben is made possible with custom wound ultra-high quality output transformers from Transcendar, which provide excellent frequency extension and a flat response.

Input tube: 6SL7 or equivalent
Output tubes: 6L6GC, EL34s, KT66, KT77, KT88, 6550s and KT90s
A personal favourite is the Tungsol 6L6GC STR. Warm, strong and tight bass.

Cathode Bias/automatic bias allows for easy tube changes without adjustment.
Compatible with 32ohm-300ohm headphones using the “32ohm” 1/4″ jack.

Recommended Headphones: Headphones driven successfully or tested with the amp include MrSpeakers Ethers, MrSpeakers Ether Cs, Audeze LCD-2.2F, Audeze LCD-XC, AKG240, AKG701, Sony MDRV6, Sennheiser HD650, Sennheiser HD800, Beyerdynamic T1-32ohm, HIFIMAN HE400i, HIFIMAN HE-400S, HIFIMAN HE-400.

Bigger Ben is handmade with pride in Southern California with US-sourced parts, including our precision transformers.

Bigger Ben Rev 1 (ex-demo)

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