Headonia 2A3 Headphone Amp

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Headonia 2A3 is a headphone amplifier only, specialy designed with the HIFIMan Susvara in mind. It has both - a single ended as well as balanced output, each with its own impedance selector. As a result, Headonia can easily drive all known headphone models on the market, and it can drive two pairs simultaneously. For an example, two Susvara headphones at the same time without any interference. The Headonia is a musical instrument that delivers the ultimate in listening and a true end game design for people looking for the best in reproducing the musical experience.

The Headonia should be easy on tubes and provide long life as the amplifier is never hot to the touch. The 2A3 direct heated triode is legendary in audiophile circles. The Headonia 2A3 outs a 3 watts of pure power, with two Electro Harmonix Gold 2A3 Tubes along with two JJ ECC81 tubes: 

  • On the front panel, from left to right, you have the 4-pin XLR balanced output, in the middle is the main volume control and right next to it, the 6.3 mm single ended headphone output. On the bottom of the unit you’ll find the air vents and the main power button, together with blue LED (lihght-on as soon as the amplifier turns on).
  • On the top of the unit you have the impedance selectors for both of the separate outputs, as well as the line-in selector switch. The four tubes are centered on the design and they’re protected with a little grill, separating them from the controls.
  • On the back of the unit from left to right you can find the four RCA inputs, the tube balancing control pots and the power connector.


To enable the users to dial the appropriate impedance settings, Headonia 2A3 has two impedance selectors for each of the headphone outputs. This allows the users to switch and choose the impedance for the headphone being used and have 32/80/150/300/600 Ohm settings. Which in turn makes the Headonia 2A3 ideal for driving various types of headphones.


The amplifier has a linear natural sound, layered from the top to the bottom. The midrange has sensational performance with vocals. The clarity and transparency are all delivered flawlessly. Treble extension seems to always soar and felt endless. The sound coming from the treble is always clean and never made trumpets or violins sound harsh, the tonality of instruments is simply exceptional. Bass had both slam and texture and the extension is excellent, detailed and when called for, it delivers a thunder in producing the sound.


The selection of parts is extensive, as only those of the highest quality in the construction are used:

  • The Electro Harmonix 2A3 directly heated triode power which feeds the output transformers and is capable of outputting 3.5 W in a single-ended Class A configuration, and JJ ECC 81 double triode tubes serves the input stage (also known as 12AT7, CV455 and CV4024)
  • Fine Tube bias adjustment allows to remove any interference
  • Double C core Transformers are designed and manufactured in house
  • Specially designed power supply proviedes noise to the minimum


The Headonia is plug ’n’ play piece of luxury art and electronic device very simple to use. Just  plug the source at analog input, turn on, heat the tubes a bit, and it is ready for delivering the music. Original package contains of a pair of Auris branded gloves, a remote, 4 spikes and the full set of stock tubes.


The Headonia is one of the most beautifully constructed amplifiers, with top and bottom wood plates sendwiching the leather wrapped high quality aluminum chassis, which adds a contemporary modern look to the amplifier. The overal build quality is extremly impressive and shows a high level of detail and execution. It is available in two color option - black and white.  Simple, but perfect!


Product Headphone Amplifier
Type Single Ended
Input Tubes 2x ECC81 (12AT7, CV455, CV4024)
Power Tubes 2x 2A3
Input Sensitivity 1 V
Output Power (Max) 3 W
Output Impedance 32, 80, 150, 300, 600 ohms
Inputs 3x pairs RCA
Outputs HP Jacks (6.3mm, 4-Pin XLR)
Dimensions 45cm x 40cm x 27cm
Weight 24 kg



  • Headonia unit
  • Vacuum tubes
  • Australian power cable
  • Manual


  • Speical order with delivery time of up to 1 month
  • Free shipping
Headonia 2A3 Headphone Amp
Headonia 2A3 Headphone Amp
Headonia 2A3 Headphone Amp
Headonia 2A3 Headphone Amp
Headonia 2A3 Headphone Amp
Headonia 2A3 Headphone Amp
Headonia 2A3 Headphone Amp

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