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  • loads of uber clean power
  • lowest distortion on the market
  • difficult speaker loads handled with ease
  • multiple protection features
  • 100W AB stereo power amp, 380W with two units in mono

    “If ever there were a giant-killer of an amp, this is it.” ... "It is one of the -if not the- quietest, most resolving amps I've heard. Time and again, without ever having intended to, I wound up hours deep in listening to the fringes of my music collection, thanks to the AHB2’s reference-level transparency and obscene athleticism."

    - Hans Wetzel, SoundStage!

    "Benchmark Media Systems' AHB2 is an extraordinary amplifier. Not only does its performance lie at the limits of what is possible for me to reliably test, it packs high power into a very small package, especially when used in bridged-mono mode. It is truly a high-resolution amplifier."

    - John Atkinson, Stereophile


    True High-Resolution Performance
    The AHB2 is the ideal match to the performance limits of High-Resolution-Audio (HRA) formats. Benchmark's AHB2 power amplifier delivers musical details without introducing the masking effects of amplifier noise and distortion. The dynamic range of the AHB2 is 132 dB, making it 10 to 30 dB quieter than some of the very best reference-quality power amplifiers.

    The frequency response of the AHB2 extends beyond 200 kHz. With the AHB2, you will discover previously overlooked nuances, dynamics, and detail in your favorite recordings and experience the full potential of the latest high-resolution 24-bit PCM and 1-bit DSD audio formats.

    A Radically Different Power Amplifier
    The AHB2 uses the new and revolutionary THX-patented AAA™ technology to virtually eliminate all forms of distortion. This technology uses feed-forward error correction to eliminate the distortion that is normally produced by the output stage. No other audio amplifier comes close to delivering the clean, quiet, and robust power of the AHB2. The AHB2 drives difficult phase angles and low impedances with ease.

    In their quest to build the ultimate amplifier, Benchmark have focused on frequency response, output noise, drive current, damping factor, and reliability. The result is an amplifier that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

    Difficult Speaker Loads are Handled With Ease
    Many loudspeakers have frequencies at which their impedance drops to levels that are much lower than the "nominal" impedance. The AHB2 drives difficult phase angles and low impedances with ease. Stereo loads as low as 1.4 Ohms can be cleanly driven to full output levels. Most power amplifiers produce higher levels of distortion when the load impedance decreases. In contrast, the feed-forward error correction system in the AHB2 keeps the output clean when driving difficult loads. The AHB2 produces almost no measurable distortion at any rated load condition.

    High Damping Factor

    The AHB2 has a high damping factor that augments its extended low-end to deliver solid, well-controlled bass. This high damping factor also keeps the frequency response absolutely flat while driving speakers with large frequency-dependent impedance variations. 254 damping factor at 1 kHz, 8-Ohms!

    High Output Current
    The AHB2 can deliver up to 29 A peak to each channel simultaneously. This robust drive current easily handles some of the most demanding loudspeakers. The AHB2 has tightly regulated power supplies that keep the output clean while delivering high current.

    Distortion is Below Audibility

    The AHB2 will never produce audible distortion. In most playback systems, the distortion produced by the AHB2 will never even reach the 0 dB SPL threshold of hearing. This means that the distortion could not be heard, even if it could be played while the music was muted.

    The AHB2 allows you to escape the distortion limitations of classic amplifier topologies and enter the world of high-resolution audio playback.


    Type Preamp
    Inputs  2 pair XLR, 2 pair RCA
    Outputs 1 pair XLR, 1 pair RCA
    Number of Chassis 1
    Dimensions 8.7in x 3.9in x 8.3in
    Weight 3.6 kg



    • HBA2 unit
    • Australian power cable
    • manual


    • delivered 2-5 business days from purchase
    • free shipping
    AHB2 - Power Amplifier
    AHB2 - Power Amplifier
    AHB2 - Power Amplifier
    AHB2 - Power Amplifier
    AHB2 - Power Amplifier
    AHB2 - Power Amplifier
    AHB2 - Power Amplifier
    AHB2 - Power Amplifier
    AHB2 - Power Amplifier
    AHB2 - Power Amplifier
    AHB2 - Power Amplifier

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