Aeolus LTD Canary Wood

Aeolus, known as the “divine keeper of the winds” in Greek mythology, is our answer to those wanting an “open version of the Atticus.” The Atticus, since its release in late 2016, has been known as a rare audiophile headphone that provides an impactful mid-bass experience while still leaving the mid range forward, lush, detailed and beautiful. The Aeolus, keeps with this tradition and furthers the vision of the Atticus by providing a smoother, more linear response, with better extension on the bottom and top end. The current stock wood for the Aeolus is Sapele. Sapele is chosen for its excellent machining, sanding and finishing properties, as well as its medium density for a nice fast sound. It’s also beautiful!


- Open Back, Dynamic Driver Headphone
- Wood Type: Canarywood
- Impedance: 300 ohms
- Driver: TPE
- Weight: 500g ±30g (with aluminum chassis)
- Sensitivity: 97 dB/mW In the Box

In the Box

- Seahorse SE430 Case
- Standard ZMF Braided Cable
- Ear pads
- Lifetime Driver Warranty

Made to Order & Custom Configurations

“Made to Order” options are just that, made to order at ZMF just outside Chicago in the US. Headphones are made once the order is placed with the full time to make and deliver each headphone being 6-12 weeks. We’ll keep you in the loop with regular updates on the shipping estimate. Don't worry we struggle waiting for anything more than a flat white too!

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