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Spatial X3 Premium

The X3 Premium is a high-performance, 3-way dipolar speaker. Exceptionally high efficiency and high-power handing providewide dynamic range for true sense of realism. Its live presentationis supported by very linear response and low distortion. Theamazing Beyma studio-grade AMT tweeter eliminates listener fatigue common in traditional speakers. The self-powered 15 inchwoofer provides a low frequency range into the 20s.


The X3 Premium stands at the top of our X series lineup. The X3 is based around the Spatial designed 15 inch diameter, dipolar Bass drive unit, dictating a large and tall chassis design. As such,the X3 is designed expressly for large listening room installations. Weighing in at 100 lbs, the X3 is formidable structure, yet is has classic style and a fine finish. The X3 shares the same midrange/treble drivers and crossover design with the X5. Therefore, the same high efficiency and high impedance features are inherent to the design. The combination of high efficiency and 8 Ohm impedance allow the use of almost any high quality amplifier. The X3 highly revealing nature suggested that the use of very high quality amplifiers are worth the investment. Choose the X3 for large room installations and contact the factory for suggested amplifiers.


State of the Art AMT Driver: The world’s finest Air Motion Transformer manufactured by Beyma reproduces the upper midrange to ultrasonic frequencies in a single unit exhibiting low distortion and controlled directivity. This dipolar driver’s intrinsic high efficiency and large surface area provide unparalleled upper register reproduction eliminating listener fatigue while maintaining true fidelity to the input signal. The driver is made of machined and die cast aluminum construction along with a powerful Neodymium motor assembly providing precise imaging and soundstage.


X5 Premium X4 Premium X3 Premium
Type Active-Passive 3-way Passive 2.5 way Active-Passive 3-way
Suggested room size small (3x4m) medium (4x5m) large (5x6m)
Suggested amp type SS or Tubes SS or Tubes SS or Tubes
Suggested amp power 8-200W 20-200W 8-200W
Sensitivity 97dB 1W/1m 93dB 1W/1m 97dB 1W/1m
Nominal impedence 8ohm 4ohm 8ohm
Frequency Range 25Hz-22kHz 32Hz-22kHz 25Hz-22kHz
MF Driver 12" Spatial M50 12" Spatial BR12 12" Spatial M50
LF Driver 12" Spatial S50 12" Spatial BR12 15" Spatial ST15
Dimensions 91x33x30cm 102x38x30cm 114x46x30cm
Weight 38kg each 45kg each 40kg each



Some stock is kept on hand but due to the large number of model and colour combinations speakers are only made once ordered. If it says "In Stock" or "Buy Now" then it's good to go. It it says "Pre-Order" then it is made to order and delivery times are 6-8 weeks.