RAAL Requisite

SR1a + HSA-1b Amp Bundles

  • SR1a Monitor base pack (headphones and heaphone cable)
  • HSA-1b Amp specially designed multifunction amp for the SR1a
    • Ribbon amp for SR1a
    • Standard balanced headphone amp
    • Speaker amp with 10W of power
  • Rolling Hardcase
    • Amp Interface Box (if selected) to run SR1a from a power amp
      • Save $450 on the Amp Interface Box when bundled here


    SR1a Earfield Monitors plus the HSA-1b direct drive amplifier for True-Ribbon Earfield Monitor headphones, speakers, conventional dynamic, and planar magnet headphones. Precision 24-step attenuator for rock-solid left/right balance at all listening levels.

    • Outputs: Drive the SR1, traditional headphones, or speakers.
    • Inputs: Unbalanced, Single-Ended RCA. True-Balanced, XLR.


    • SR1a Earfield Monitors
      • 7' headphone cable
    • HSA-1b amp 
    • (if selected) Amp Interface Box 
      • includes Interface cables
    • Hardcase
    • 5 year warranty


    • Delivered <5 business days from purchase
    • Free shipping