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M6 Sapphire

The M6 is designed to solve the perennial problem of reproducing bass in tiny rooms. Room boom is a common problem in small spaces, in which traditional box speakers fail to work well—finally, a way to produce a spectacular sound field without remodeling your house. The newest member of the M family of dipole speakers, the M6 is unique in that it brings with it the same M100 Uniwave driver and premium parts quality in a twin 10-inch woofer format.


The M6 is a efficient 2 way design presenting a 4 Ohm load. Entry level receivers and low cost amplifiers should not be use. High quality, moderately priced amps such as the Schiit Vidar or better should be considered. The high performance capability of this design allows the use of high performance amps like Pass Labs, Benchmark, and many others. Vacuum tube amplifiers are compatible with the M6, using the 4 Ohm transformer taps on the amplifier. Since the quality and design are identical to the M3 and M4, investing in high quality electronics is justifiable. In small rooms, low power amps such as First Watt models may be suitable, as well as low powered tube amps . The M6 must be 2 to 3 feet away from the front wall to perform properly. This can be a challenge in small rooms, where the listening chair can be forced against the rear wall.


Sapphire M6 Sapphire M4 Sapphire M3
Suggested room size small (3x4m) medium (4x5m) large (5x6m)
Suggested amp type SS or Tubes SS or Tubes SS or Tubes
Suggested amp power 20-100W 20-100W 20-150W
Sensitivity 88dB 90dB 92dB
Nominal impedence 4ohm 4ohm 4ohm
Frequency Range 35Hz-40kHz 32Hz-40kHz 30Hz-40kHz
HF Driver Spatial M100 Spatial M100 Spatial M100
LF Driver 2 x 10 inch 2 x 12 inch 2 x 15 inch
Dimensions 91x33x30cm 102x38x30cm 114x46x30cm
Weight 20kg each 23kg each 27kg each