Spatial Audio Lab

M4 Sapphire

The new M4 is designed for standard rooms in American homes, essentially a 3/4 scale of the M3 Sapphire. The M4's smaller size fits in more spaces in terms of physical size yet retains the class-leading performance and bass impact similar to the M3. The M4 is already our no. 1 selling model due to its perfect fit in most rooms. The twin 12-inch design uses our new Spatial designed woofer for maximum bass performance in a suitable size.


The M4 is an ideal dipole design in many ways and in typical rooms can provide outstanding music reproduction. Its moderately high efficiency allows the use of a wide range of amplifiers. Solid state amplifiers of 50W or more will provide the best bass control, assuming it is rated for 4 Ohm impedance loads. Lower powered solid state and tube amps can work well. Consult with a Spatial application specialist prior to purchasing an amplifier. The M4 is capable of very high quality reproduction, so the best available electronics should be used where possible. The M4 is less suceptible to room interference effects than a traditional speaker, so getting good results in even difficult rooms is possible. We do however, encourage the use of sound absorption and diffusion panels for best results in most listening rooms.


Sapphire M6 Sapphire M4 Sapphire M3
Suggested room size small (3x4m) medium (4x5m) large (5x6m)
Suggested amp type SS or Tubes SS or Tubes SS or Tubes
Suggested amp power 20-100W 20-100W 20-150W
Sensitivity 88dB 90dB 92dB
Nominal impedence 4ohm 4ohm 4ohm
Frequency Range 35Hz-40kHz 32Hz-40kHz 30Hz-40kHz
HF Driver Spatial M100 Spatial M100 Spatial M100
LF Driver 2 x 10 inch 2 x 12 inch 2 x 15 inch
Dimensions 91x33x30cm 102x38x30cm 114x46x30cm
Weight 20kg each 23kg each 27kg each