Spatial Audio Lab

M3 Sapphire

Meet the original Sapphire. Introduced in 2019, the M3 shattered previous standards of what was possible in the $5000 price class and outperformed many speakers costing multiples more. The M3's world-class bass performance will change the way you think about speakers. Fast, detailed, and crisp-there is no going back after you experience the M3. For use in medium and large rooms. Experience the world's most popular open-baffle speaker.


The M3 is our top model in the M Series range of dipole speakers. Using twin 15 inch Spatial dipolar woofers, the bass performance is exemplary to say the least. The M3 is a fairly large speaker, designed for use in larger rooms. Its large frontal size can easily disappear into the sound field assuming the room is at least 14 feet wide. Bass performance is non-resonant and highly detailed in a way box speakers are not. How low it goes in a given room depended somewhat on the room itself. 30Hz is typical, with some installations measuring into the 28Hz range. But, ultimately, it is the quality of the bass that is most important musically. The M3 is easy to drive, with a simple electrical load and 4 Ohm nominal impedance. WIth its high efficiency, most any quality amplifier will work well. Contact the factory for advice on specific amplifiers.


Sapphire M6 Sapphire M4 Sapphire M3
Suggested room size small (3x4m) medium (4x5m) large (5x6m)
Suggested amp type SS or Tubes SS or Tubes SS or Tubes
Suggested amp power 20-100W 20-100W 20-150W
Sensitivity 88dB 90dB 92dB
Nominal impedence 4ohm 4ohm 4ohm
Frequency Range 35Hz-40kHz 32Hz-40kHz 30Hz-40kHz
HF Driver Spatial M100 Spatial M100 Spatial M100
LF Driver 2 x 10 inch 2 x 12 inch 2 x 15 inch
Dimensions 91x33x30cm 102x38x30cm 114x46x30cm
Weight 20kg each 23kg each 27kg each