Element X

Streamer, Server, DAC, Headamp, Balanced outs and all in a precision milled tank-like case. What more can you want for!?

  • "Ultimate all-in-One audiophile hub. Element X is rocking the most advanced ESS Sabre 9038 PRO 8 channel chip plus a full MQA decoder for the streaming folks. The internal headphone amp left me an impression of absolutely no coloration, no dips or rises in the frequency area, just a very linear and quite revealing experience. What really impressed me using headphones is how clean it is sounding; it is among the cleanest all-in-one solutions I had the pleasure of testing. Performance wise, it is miles ahead compared to the mid-range DAC/Amps I’ve heard of late."
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    "Containing the latest spec hardware, it provides a clean and neutral sound with superb resolution and transparency, enabling analytical listening but also having just the right amount of smoothness to avoid it tipping over into sounding clinical."
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