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Atrium LTD Cocobolo



  • ZMF's brand new flagship headphone!
  • Same wonderful driver as Auteur but with brand new damping system for amazing tonality, naturalism and neutralisty.


Atrium [ ey-tree-uhm ] // is a Roman architectural term referring to a centrally open room often at the entrance to a space, typically with domed or otherwise pitched ceiling. With the ZMF Atrium, you get our most open design, which features our patent-pending rear damping system that accentuates stage layering and depth, tactile "feel" and realistically natural timbre.

The Atrium expands the range of spatial sound experience first incepted with the auteur (now the “auteur classic”), through its shared biocellulose driver heritage and linear ZMF tuning.

The current wood for the Atrium LTD is Hawaiian Koa. We use a gloss varnish for a chatoyant and luminescent finish. Koa varies by cut, while all our wood is from similar boards, the wood will show variance. Available in Black, Brass, Rose Gold and Steel grille and rods.


  • Impedance: 300 Ohms
  • Driver: Biocellulose
  • Weight: 450g ±20g
  • Sensitivity: ~97dB/mW


The stock Universe pads are the pads that come on the headphones and represent the stock sound on the Atrium. Auteur pads give a more euphonic and deep landscape, while BE2 pads are recommended for a more linear sound that retains sub-bass.


  • 1x Cherry Wood Atrium Headphone
  • 1x ZMF Stock Braided Cable & 1x OFC Upgrade Cable
  • 1x ZMF Universe Perforated Pads and 1x pair of choice
  • ZMF Owner's Card
  • Warranty: lifetime driver warranty, 2 years parts and labour


  • Special order, 8-12 week delivery timeframe frm date of purchase.
  • Free shipping.

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